JSP Art Photography

Frequenty Asked Questions

What kinds of art can you shoot?

Paintings (gloss and glare can usually be filtered out) , sculpture (in-situ and on a backdrop), installations and install shots. Please note that works behind glass and some works that include gold/silver/glitter may require multiple shots and retouching which may increase costs.

What production is included?

Color balance, white balance, straighten, and remove tacks and nails on the spot. You can view and approve the images on a color calibrated screen as they are shot and processed. If images are crooked, out of focus, dark/bright or inaccurate, they will be corrected or re-shot at no additional charge.

What do I need to do to prepare for a shoot in my studio?

Provide as much room as possible on either side of the work for the lights. Most small works can be photographed in sealed frames without removing them. A 54" white or black scrim as a seamless backdrop can be provided for sculptures.

What kinds of images do I receive:

Three folders of files are provided: Full size 50 Megapixel TIFF files in the full AdobeRGB 1998 color space around 5,600 × 3,700 8688 x 5792 pixels or around 13" x 19" 19" x 29" at 300dpi ). Full sized high quality JPEG files (around 10 megs). Scaled down JPEGs at 1800 pixels for email and converted to web standard sRGB color space. The RAW and Photoshop documents are archived, and can also be delivered. Images of almost any size and format you need can by made at no additional charge.

When do I receive the images?

You receive your images at the end of the shoot or via secure weblink or by transfer to a portable drive. If additional retouching work is needed, images can be sent via download link within three business days, usually they can be delivered the same day.

Do you archive my images?

An archive is kept of every image shot on two drives in two physical locations, if you need copies of lost images they can be provided at no extra charge.